Board of Directors

Each director on the Board is elected into office by the Registered Voters located within each division. Please see the Director’s Division Map for more information. Directors are elected for a four year term. Directors vote on and participate in discussion regarding policy, procedure, and projects for the District.

Meetings of the Board are typically held on either the first and/or third Thursday of the month at 12:00 p.m. Noon. Other meetings are scheduled as needed. Central’s Board meetings are held either at the District Office or at the Collegeville Fire Station. Please see the Agenda for information regarding the next District Board Meeting.


Grant Thompson, Division 2, President

James Nilsson, Division 3, Vice President

Reid W. Roberts, Secretary and Legal Counsel

Richard Veldstra, Division 4

Eugene Caffese, Division 5

Anthony Chiappe, Division 6

Richard Wagner, Division 7

Vacant, Division 1