1412The groundwater basin underlying the District is and has been in a condition of overdraft. The mission of the District is to address this overdraft and to preserve the aquifer. The Board executed a contract with the Bureau of Reclamation for supplemental surface water supplies and constructed an internal conveyance system to make the surface water available to in-District farmers. To pay for construction bonds and operation costs the District imposes a groundwater extraction fee pursuant to the California Water Code. The extraction fee was first charged in 1993. The groundwater extraction fee is established by the District Board of Directors each year. The extraction fee is billed in two installments due on January 30 and July 30 of each year.

Payment may be made by mailing directly to the District Office, by payment in person, or by payment on-line. Credit card payments are only accepted on-line.

The District office is located at 11 S. San Joaquin Street, Suite 306, Stockton CA 95202.
Hours of Operation 8:30am -12:00 pm, 1:30-4:30pm.
The District phone is (209) 466-7952 and the District fax is (209) 466-7953.